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4 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Human Rights Day

4 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Human Rights Day

| November 23, 2021

December 10th is Human Rights Day and a time to reflect on the progression of human rights in the past, its status today, and its future. The day of observance first occurred in 1948 to mark the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written. This vital document set forth a proclamation that all humans are entitled to the inalienable rights which come with being human, regardless of their race, religion, sex, political affiliation, language, or origin.

So this December 10th, why not help to mark the day by making a positive impact? Below are just a few ways to celebrate Human Rights Day.

1. Show Your Support on Social Media

Social media outlets are one of the easiest ways to spread the word and get information out to the masses. Consider changing your profile picture to a temporary one in support of Human Rights Day and encourage your friends to do so. Consider sharing a petition supporting human rights or just sharing posts about inspirational stories.

2. Write or Email Your Legislature

Change typically only happens when the masses push for that change. Every letter and email in support of bills and legislation that assist with human rights may help to further the cause and let the voices of those who need help be heard. If you hear about bills or other measures regarding human rights in your area, write to your legislative body voicing your opinion.

3. Help Fund the Cause

Human rights organizations rely on money to fund programs and defend human rights in the community and the world. Consider participating in a fundraiser that is related to a human rights cause or starting one yourself. Ask your employer to support you in the fundraiser. Some companies offer a company match for each dollar raised.

4. Volunteer Your Time

While money is valuable to human rights organizations, so is time. Find out what types of services these organizations need and what talents you have to offer to help fulfill these needs. Whether you volunteer for a few days, a weekend, or on and off throughout the year, even a little bit of time makes a difference.

Make a difference this Human Rights Day by taking time out of your schedule to help positively impact the cause.

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